Carpooling refers to shared rides by car between people with similar origin–destination pairings. In other words, carpooling is a way of reducing the number of vehicles on the road. In a busy city like ours, carpooling is basically sharing the same car to your required destination which for you is your university in Bashundhara area.

According to a study by the International Transport Forum (ITF), carpooling has the potential to reduce global emissions by as much as 11%. Caarmate wants to take it even further and make this world an even better place for you all.


Carpooling or ride sharing can be a great way of cutting down on carbon emissions and fuel consumption, both on a personal level and on an industry level. It reduces the amount of greenhouse gases in the environment which results in the reduction of the rate of global warming too. There are so many challenges of the environment we have to face day to day in the modern world i.e. pollution, climate change, carbon emissions, rise in earth’s global temperature, increase of GHG and many more. These issues require sustainable solutions and the development of a greener workforce, which is crucial for creating a sustainable world; a world where our present needs can be met without compromising the needs of future generations.


Caarmate introduces a green commuting system which ensures sustainability for a greener world. You can carpool with your friends to your university at the least possible cost. The multi objective is minimizing the cost and maximizing the comfort, whilst doing the best for the environment. This results in lesser congestion and traffic as well as aids in time saving. We, at Caarmate work for our environment and you. Air pollution is amongst the worst sorts of pollution in this regard and it harms the ecology and all living things on planet Earth. The resulting air pollution and stress can negatively affect the health of living beings. Animals and humans both need air to breathe and to survive. Carpooling or ride sharing helps in reducing air pollution by reducing the number of vehicles on the road. The AQI (air quality index) of Dhaka city at present is mostly in the unhealthy range 100-150 or 150-200 which is the worst case for elders and children. Reducing air pollution will minimize the other risks of AQI too. According to research, a car emits an immense amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year, so you may lessen your carbon impact by sharing a car using Caarmate. Therefore, reducing your carbon footprint in general takes you a step closer to making the environment a better, cleaner and greener place. Carpooling or ride sharing reduces the need for extra land and parking. With Caarmate, you can forget the daily hassle of environment pollution and traffic congestion.  


Well, public transportations cannot serve all requests cost-effectively or provide a level of comfort and convenience anywhere near that of private vehicles. So, carpooling or ridesharing through Caarmate is giving you enough comfort and the best security too. You can select your desired pickup point at your own comfort with the benefits of helping in saving the world. Global warming is not something new, if we can even help a little to make the world a better place, we should come forward. Caarmate works with the goal of promoting sustainability and greenery. In only a matter of its first 12 days, Caarmate has managed to green commute for 120+ hours with 200+ customers. We have digitalized the carpooling process to make green commuting easier for you in Dhaka without congestion. Caarmate is already working significantly to reduce the carbon footprint. If there are lesser cars outside due to carpooling, the amount of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere will be significantly reduced . And no extra land is being occupied for the purpose of parking. In midst of this safety and cost effectiveness of ride sharing or carpooling, you can even find your own environment loving community at Caarmate. Come with Caarmate in making Dhaka city your green and sustainable comfort space, and let us work towards becoming the best.

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